Virtual Desire Winchester 2020

Sadly, this event has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Many of our craftmakers and artists have been unable to sell directly to the public this year with so many events being cancelled.

Browse through to see the exhibitors we had booked here and access their websites and/or social media sites where you can often buy direct. Look for the video icon, as there are also some links to videos showing the makers creating their work.

Click through the galleries using the dots or arrows at the bottom the page, or click an exhibitor name on the right hand side (bottom of page on mobile). Best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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  • Alexandra Aurum

    Handmaking each piece of jewellery using fusion, hand-forging and stone-setting techniques, Alexandra has gained a reputation for quality bespoke jewellery using exquisite gemstones.

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  • Alison Haddon

    Inspired by a view through and into the trees. My jewellery is recreated glanced scenes. Juicy gemstone berry collection. Simple silver silhouette house and animal pieces. Glossy enamel bird necklaces.

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  • Alistair R

    Simple, timeless and uncluttered designs of cufflinks, necklaces & other jewellery handmade in our stone carving and jewellery workshop. Uniquely attractive pieces inspired by the beautiful colours of semi precious stone.

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  • Andie B Design

    Designer / Owner of Andie B Design. Enamel on Copper jewellery and small decorative items.

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  • Angela Evans Jewellery

    Contemporary jewellery that is vibrant and intricate, giving a bold overall aesthetic which is still delicately pretty. A colourful palette of exquisite stones and fine details enhance each piece.

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  • Anna K Baldwin

    Beautiful handmade contemporary jewellery in silver, gold, and semi-precious stones. My designs have an organic, tactile feel, often inspired by light, texture, and natural forms.

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  • Anna Rennie - Artisan Silversmith

    Silverware for your home. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Jewellery to complement organic silverware designs. Handcrafted in Cornwall. Contact me to discuss commission ideas.

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  • Barbara Ehlers Silversmith

    Hand crafted, beaten, gold and silver jewellery and gifts.

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  • Beverly Bartlett

    Beverly’s handmade jewellery is perfect for any occasion. Her designs feature shapes seen through a microscope or taken from nature with textured portions highlighted by depletion gilding.

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