Exhibitor Listing - Area A

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing Waterperry Gardens 19-21 July 2024

Alexandra Aurum

Alexandra Aurum A23

I make distinctive handmade jewellery combining gold and silver with carefully selected precious stones which I set. One-off rings are my favourite pieces to make.

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Alexandra Simpson

Alexandra Simpson A26

Contemporary yet romantic, Alexandra’s handmade jewellery has a delicate, graceful and sensual quality. Healing gemstones surrounded by enchanting vines, carved animals and flowers abound in these silver and gold creations.

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Amanda Ray Raku Jewellery

Amanda Ray Raku Jewellery A09

Art Deco and the designs of the sixties inspire this unique and distinctive range of raku fired ceramic jewellery from St Ives. Cornwall Crafts Association member since 1994.

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Angela Evans Jewellery

Angela Evans Jewellery A03

Sterling silver and gold jewellery inspired by water featuring a beautiful palette of colourful gemstones. Commissions accepted.

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Anna K Baldwin

Anna K Baldwin A12

Beautiful handmade contemporary jewellery in silver and gold. My designs have an organic, tactile feel, often incorporating hammering and shaping techniques to create texture and a sense of movement.

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Annakin Jewellery

Annakin Jewellery A14

Annakin Jewellery produces limited collections and bespoke repurposing work from hallmarked solid silver, 9 ct and 18 ct gold where elegance and simplicity combine with the strength for a lifetime of wearing.

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Barnabas Taylor

Barnabas Taylor A04

Barnabas’s work is focussed on high quality, useable pieces of silverware and jewellery, with forms that are inspired by the beauty and history of his home county of Cornwall.

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Beverly Bartlett

Beverly Bartlett A13

Beverly Bartlett ... science in silver. Beverly’s handmade silver jewellery features textured surfaces combined with contrasting polished elements. Some of her designs are available in gold.

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Bishopsland Educational Trust

Bishopsland Educational Trust B30

An internationally recognised charity dedicated to the training of emerging silversmiths and jewellers. Work on display is by our 23/24 cohort and a selection of Alumni, all of whom have completed our immersive residential training programme.

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Brian Eburah

Brian Eburah A06

A selection of jewellery items combining niobium and titanium with precious metals and stones.

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Cathy Timbrell Jewellery

Cathy Timbrell Jewellery A24

Design led contemporary silver jewellery, traditionally made incorporating gold, kiln fired enamel, Keum boo gold, fused silver and gems as well as enamelled copper vessels.

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Charlie High Designs

Charlie High Designs A19

Bold and original precious metal jewellery incorporating raw semi precious stones and inspired by nature. Charlie uses a variety of processes including casting, repousse, roll milling and oxidisation to accentuate texture.

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Deborah Kelly-Hopkins

Deborah Kelly-Hopkins A18

Choose from three collections. Rings over 45 different designs. Fortuna, seven sided links make every piece. Modern, timeless designs with organic texture. All made in silver and gold.

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Donna Collinson Jewellery

Donna Collinson Jewellery A17

Solid silver, bronze and gold jewellery inspired by our beaches and landscape.

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Fenella Watson Designs

Fenella Watson Designs A21

Contemporary silverware for the modern age and home.

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Francesca Marcenaro

Francesca Marcenaro A20

Organic jewellery inspired by fairytales and nature handmade with Francesca's unmissable technique of glass granulation.

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Grant Forsyth Jewellery Design

Grant Forsyth Jewellery Design A25

Handmade silver, gold and gemstone textural jewellery.

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Imaginarium Atelier

Imaginarium Atelier A10

Fusing the worlds of traditional goldsmithing and art jewellery, Sylvaine Frouin and Marek Machlowski create timeless and one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces, using precious metals, enamels, diamonds, colourful and unique gemstones.

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Joanne Gowan Fine Artist Jeweller

Joanne Gowan Fine Artist Jeweller A05

Handmade fine artist jewellery with themes inspired by nature, landscape, literature, history, ballet and music. ‘Vignette’ pieces: framed artworks that focus on and give insight into one moment or subject.

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Lisa Marie Designer Goldsmith

Lisa Marie Designer Goldsmith A08

A commissioned based goldsmith with over 30 years working direct with the mining industry and maintaining ethical practices.

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Loucinda Nims Designs

Loucinda Nims Designs A15

Based in the West Berkshire countryside, Loucinda creates contemporary silverware using traditional techniques.

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Oddie & Hope Jewellery

Oddie & Hope Jewellery A02

Oddie & Hope Jewellery is all made by hand from recycled gold and silver using traditional silversmithing methods. The designs are bold, usually geometric and often with a 'twist'.

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Stavros Constantinou

Stavros Constantinou A16

Organic and tactile work which is bold and free in style.

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Suzie Jasper

Suzie Jasper A07

Suzie creates an imaginative and exciting range of contemporary jewellery using handcrafted pure silver pendants influenced by nature, with beautiful semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. Perfect for any occasion.

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Tamsin Francesca Jewellery

Tamsin Francesca Jewellery A22

Detailed floral storytelling rings and pieces combining traditional goldsmithing, textile skills and miniature sculpture to create a unique narrative. I use many techniques: casting, forging, crochet, lacemaking, always in solid precious metal.

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Tanja Ufer Jewellery

Tanja Ufer Jewellery A11

Sculptural silver and gold jewellery with colourful gemstones.

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Trish Woods Design Metals

Trish Woods Design Metals A01

Individual handcrafted designs in pewter. Colourful and contemporary tableware and jewellery that aims to offer a new, desirable aesthetic to this traditional material.

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