Exhibitor Listing - Area C

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing Waterperry Gardens 19-21 July 2024

Brett Payne

Brett Payne C57

Brett Payne’s silver tableware combines traditional silversmithing techniques with contemporary ideas of form to produce functional, beautiful pieces for the modern home.

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Camilla West

Camilla West C69

Raw, textural jewellery in silver and gold with stunning freeform gemstones, from weighty to delicate. Inspired by authentic connection to the natural world and to other people. Commissions welcome.

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DeMEC Jewellers

DeMEC JewellersC52

Eco-friendly handmade jewellers working with vegetable ivory, gemstones and pearls, set in gold or silver.

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Emily Thatcher

Emily Thatcher C60

Precious metal, stone set, hand constructed elegant jewellery.

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GP Jewellery Design

GP Jewellery Design C58

Handcrafting unique silver and gold jewellery, blending tradition with inspiration from ancient art and organic forms. Each handmade piece narrates a unique tale of craftsmanship.

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Heather Stowell

Heather Stowell C65

Eclectic mix of one off pieces incorporating collectable antique charms and buttons. Commissions welcomed in gold and silver.

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Jonathan Lerer

Jonathan Lerer C56

Working largely with silver and semi-precious stones, Jonathan creates unique, one of a kind, eye-catching pieces of art wear. Avantgarde jewellery designed with the confident individual in mind.

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Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis C53

Contemporary jewellery inspired by the coast.

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Kathyrn Arbon Jewellery

Kathryn Arbon Jewellery C61

Jewellery in silver and gold inspired by ancient script, Greek and Celtic pattern. Interconnecting open spaces within the designs incorporate hidden words and messages to be discovered by the wearer.

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Kim Styles Jewellery

Kim Styles Jewellery C70

Joyful and enchanting one-of-a-kind botanical statement necklaces, floral gem set cocktail rings and pretty gemstone earrings hand forged in gold and silver.

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Lauren Bell-Brown Jewellery

Lauren Bell-Brown Jewellery C71

Combining cuttlefish and lost wax casting techniques, Lauren Bell-Brown creates one off, unique jewellery, embellished with ethically sourced gemstones. Her original inspiration comes from a love of Grimm’s Brothers fairytales.

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Lilly Hastedt

Lilly Hastedt C51

Lilly Hastedt’s versatile and elegant jewellery is created by using only the finest materials, simple shapes and clever detailing. Lilly’s passion for colour and texture come from her upbringing in Guatemala, a land with vibrant colours and landscapes. She has particular affinity and expertise in pearls, diamonds, and coloured gemstones, working from her showroom in Notting Hill.

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Liz Tyler Designs

Liz Tyler Designs C54

Sculptural precious designer jewellery and silver, with a sense of movement in the flow of the design. I delight in selecting beautiful gemstones from which the design flows. Commissions welcome.

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Magwitchery C50

Interpretations of art, literature, history and a touch of magic. Executed in gold, silver and gemstones featuring nature inspired etched textures. Boho meets gothic with a contemporary vibe.

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Pottering Shed Beads

Pottering Shed Beads C55

Glasses lanyards and earrings made with lampwork glass beads bringing the beauty of Murano glass with designs that can be enjoyed every day.

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Rebecca Burt Jewellery

Rebecca Burt Jewellery C64

Rebecca creates textural jewellery from silver, gold and carefully selected gemstones. Her pieces are all influenced by having a directional quality that captures movement and a sense of flow.

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Sally Ratcliffe

Sally Ratcliffe C68

Original silver jewellery, sculptures and pictures. Decorated with gold, precious and semi precious gemstones.

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Scarab London

Scarab London C59

Explore Scarab London’s bespoke blend of classic and contemporary jewellery designs. Using exquisite curated gemstones, we bring stories to life in 18 ct gold, platinum and silver.

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Simone Micallef, Designer Jeweller

Simone Micallef, Designer Jeweller C63

Handmade, hallmarked designer jewellery of mainly bold statement piece necklaces of organic stones and silver, individually drilled, burred and knotted with classic accessories to complement the range.

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Tine Bladbjerg

Tine Bladbjerg C67

Simple and elegant jewellery in silver, gold and platinum often enhanced by stones to add colour and sparkle. The metal has been shaped by hand or cast from carved wax.

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Von W Fine Jewellery

Von W Fine Jewellery C66

Like post Cold War 1990s Berlin and handmade in Oxfordshire, Alexandra’s molten gold and precious stone heirlooms curate and showcase imperfections as a blazing celebration of us human beings.

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Xuella Arnold Jewellery

Xuella Arnold Jewellery C62

Recycled silver, bronze and gold contemporary narrative jewellery and silversmithing.

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