Exhibitor Listing - Area B

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing Waterperry Gardens 19-21 July 2024

Alison Haddon

Alison Haddon B48

Alison's handmade storytelling jewellery is inspired by the Sussex countryside. These elegant snapshots accurately and beautifully depict the wildlife, flora and fauna, using recycled silver, enamel and gemstones.

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Amelia Appleby

Amelia Appleby B40

Amelia’s range concentrates on the marriage between shapes and colour. Paying little attention to what is in vogue, she prefers to focus on what brings her joy at the bench.

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Barbara Ehlers Silversmith

Barbara Ehlers Silversmith B36

Sterling silver and gold dishes, spoons, gifts and jewellery.

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Chris Boland

Chris Boland B49

Sculptural contemporary jewellery handmade from precious metals and unique gemstones.

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Claire Quick Jewellery

Claire Quick Jewellery B28

My jewellery is inspired by nature and natural forms, focussing on textures and my interpretations of them. I use the lost wax process, to create jewellery with organic, tactile quality.

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Dee Ayles Jewellery

Dee Ayles Jewellery B32

Contemporary silver and gold jewellery with semi-precious stones and pearls, nature inspired.

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Emma Keating Jewellery

Emma Keating Jewellery B33

Based on the Kent coast, Emma makes animal and nature inspired silver jewellery and ornaments. Her collection ranges from majestic queen bees to terrifying tarantulas, from native species to tropical wonders.

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Esther Eyre

Esther Eyre B31

One of a kind, precious pieces using a cornucopia of unusual gems.

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Heather Larson Jewellery

Heather Larson Jewellery B41

Contemporary silver and enamel jewellery inspired by the natural sciences. My designs featuring hand engraved textures and softly blended colour.

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Helen Brice Designs

Helen Brice Designs B43

Helen’s jewellery designs are beautifully intricate, set with colourful gemstones in gold, silver and platinum. Combining unusual shapes and multiple settings her signature ‘Showstopper!’ rings are truly unique.

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Lavan Designer Jewellery

Lavan Designer Jewellery B29

Unique collections of handmade silver and gold jewellery set with opals and precious gemstones. Designed By David Weinberger, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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Lizzie Kershaw Jewellery

Lizzie Kershaw Jewellery B46

Elegant handmade silver and gold jewellery inspired by natural forms.

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Malcom Morris

Malcom Morris B34

A selection of handmade silver and gold jewellery using precious stones and enamelling.

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Mary Mary

Mary Mary B44

Mary artfully combines a huge range  of beautifully cut gemstones with intricate gold and silver  wire work and her unique,  engraved castings. Her jewellery brings colour and joy all the way from the West Cornish coast.

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MH Goldsmith

MH Goldsmith B45

Contemporary fine jewellery made entirely by hand using traditional methods. Opposing textures and forms set with interesting coloured gems are the hallmark of this continental-trained jeweller.

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Michele B38

Striking and colourful gemstones and precious metals. Made by hand.

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Phoenix-Tree Jewellery

Phoenix-Tree Jewellery B35

My work is "all about the detail". Intricate imaginative handmade jewellery, creating small works of art that can be worn. Designs are inspired by wildlife, animals and nature.

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Photofinish Jewellery

Photofinish Jewellery B39

Colourful jewellery created from photographs celebrating nature at its best.

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Quo Vadis Jewellery

Quo Vadis Jewellery B27

Quo Vadis Jewellery brings together the perfect balance of design and craftsmanship using precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds and unique ‘stones of interest’. Our designs in silver, gold and platinum come to life in our workshop, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. All our pieces are one-off and handmade.

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Rosimorosi B47

Surface pattern design applied to aluminium jewellery using heat sublimation. Bold, fun, unique wearable art.

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Sandra Elizabeth

Sandra Elizabeth B37

Sandra Elizabeth creates handcrafted contemporary silver jewellery embellished with 24 carat gold using Keum Boo. Beach inspired designs are textured with flowing lines and finished with satin and oxidised surfaces.

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Scarlett Willow Designs

Scarlett Willow Designs B42

Whether it’s the flow of water in the river next to her workshop or the changing seasons in the forest, Jac Brazier draws inspiration from nature to create textured jewellery in Gold and Sterling Silver.

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